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True Crime

Chris, Griz and Claire dive into the real life world of True Crime, Paranormal and Conspiracy cases.


In our very first interview episode we sit down with Alex Dorrens of Ghost Hunters Scotland. We talk about why he decided to form his paranormal investigation team, his experiences dealing with the paranormal and he tells us a right few scary stories! 

You can follow Ghost Hunters Scotland on Facebook @GHSScotland and list their website to see the video and audio content they have uploaded from previous investigations https://www.ghosthuntersscotland.org.uk

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September 18, 2020

Episode 5 - Glen Rogers

Chris tell's us the story of serial killer Glen Rogers! 

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Claire takes the reigns this week to tell Chris and Griz all about Marie Delphine Macarty and the horrors that unfolded in New Orleans!

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August 4, 2020

Episode 3 - Gypsy Rose

This week, Griz tell's us the story of Gypsy Rose!


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Strap yourself in as the gang discuss the very strange case of the Cecil Hotel and Elisa Lam.

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Chris Griz and Claire discuss the story of Elizebeth Short and the strange circumstances surrounding her murder.

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